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Parish Overseers' Papers
Parish of South Cerney


Heading Details
17 April 1756
P71 3/1/2/29
Settlement Certificate
(JB had to prove 12 months continuous (365 days) employment in Cerney Wick to be eligible for poor relief from Cerney Wick)
John Bartlett, wife Anne and son
William of Latton Wiltshire.
(Family would have had to claim
relief from Latton if unsuccessful)
2 February 1767
P71 OV 3/4/1/4
Apprenticeship John Richens of South Cerney of South Cerney states that a fortnight ago Eliz. Telling who was born and legally settled in Ashton Keynes was apprenticed to him by indenture with which he received 50s and the 50s was paid to him by Wm Weaver her putative father.  
P71 OV 3/4/1/12
Settlement Certificate Thos Richins born in South Cerney and about 5 years ago last Christmas hired to Mr Bedwell of Ampney St Mary and served a final year. 
14 November 1796
P71 5/4/2
Bastardy Orders
 (18th Century version of  CSA)
"Ann Phipps single woman now with
child and John Herbert of Cerney
Wick the father."
6 February 1797
P71 5/2/13


Ann Phipps delivered on 2 January
a female bastard child and John
of Cerney Wick, labourer, the father.
4 October 1830
P71 5/2/44


"Mary Godwin delivered on 24 August
a female bastard child and William
of South Cerney, labourer,
the father." (But which William?  There was also a b.b. William born to Hester in 1810)
4 October 1833
P71 5/8/2
Warrants for failure to pay. "William Bartlett of Ashton Keynes
Wiltshire, labourer, failed to maintain
bastard child of Mary Godwin."
Historical notes:
1834 Tolpuddle Martyrs transported.  Bad time for farm labourers.

1834 Poor Law Amendment Act passed.  Poor relief ceased to be an easy option!

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