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Notes from Cerney Censuses 

See also: South Cerney Overseers Minutes

Year/Name Location Occupation Where Born
1841 Cerney Wick   Born in county
John HERBERT 60 Agricultural labourer Y
William HERBERT 30   Y
John HERBERT 25   Y
Kezia HERBERT 60   N
Ester HERBERT 30   N
Ann BAYLIS 20   N
Mary BAYLIS 1   Y
Kezia Sherman 11   N
Joseph HERBERT 34 Agricultural labourer Y
Ann HERBERT 34   Y
Joseph HERBERT 15   Y
1851 "The whole of the Parish of South Cerney including Cerney Wick,
and the houses in Cerney Field, The Foss, The Round House and 
the Village of South Cerney."
Persons: 549 Male, 554 Female, 1103 Total
  High St, Cerney    
William HERBERT Head, 47  Labourer Cerney Wick
Hester HERBERT Sister, 45 Domestic Cerney Wick
Mary Niece, 10 Domestic Cerney Wick
William Nephew, 7 Domestic Cerney Wick
  Hamlet, South Cerney    
William HERBERT Head, unmarried, 58 Agricultural labourer Cerney Wick
Hester HERBERT Sister of Head, unmarried, 62 Agricultural labourer's sister Cerney Wick
Mary BAYLIS HERBERT Niece of Head, unmarried, 20 Agricultural labourer's niece Cerney Wick
Part of the Parish of South Cerney, commencing at Mr Davis's taking all the
houses on the right side of of the Road as far as the Cross (Including the
whole of Berkeley House) continuing in the same direction as far as and including 
Pachers Ladge, Upperup, Mr Wheelers Farm in the meadow.  The Knooks (by
the canal) Cookes Whark Cottage in the Brickfield, The cottages in Cerney Field,
All the houses on the Westside of the road leading from Cirencester to Cricklade,
The cottages in the Lane from the Cricklade Road to South Cerney.  "The Sisters"
of the Port Cloucester, met with on Sunday Evening at Wilmer Way, South Cerney.
Persons: 247 Male, 245 Female.
Enumerator Edward Parrish

Starting at Mr Large's, taking in all the houses on the lefthand side of the road as
far as the Cross.  The College, Mr Pollards (Bow-wow) Farm. Mr Pollards (Crane) 
Farm by the canal, Mr Swells Mill, Mr Williams Ham House, Cottages in Ham Lane - 
all the houses on both sides of the road to Cerney Wick, including Mr Pollards 
Farm. Cross Lanes: The Lock House at Wilmer Way on the canal and the Whole of Cerney Wick.
Persons: 218 Male, 240 Female, 458 Total.
Enumerator Edward Parrish.

101 Joseph BARTLETT 33 Agricultural labourer Eisey
Mary 30   Cerney Wick
Ester 7   Cerney Wick
Alice 4   Cerney Wick
Louisa 1   Cerney Wick
103 William HERBERT 69 Agricultural labourer Cerney Wick
William HERBERT Head, unmarried, 78 Agricultural labourer Cerney Wick
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Joseph BARTLETT    Head  M 43 Agricultural labourer  Eisey, Wiltshire
Mary BARTLETT  Wife M 40    Cerney Wick,
Esther A. BARTLETT   Daur U 17   Cerney Wick
Louisa BARTLETT   Daur U 11   Cerney Wick
Joseph H. BARTLETT   Son U 7   Cerney Wick
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Thomas BARTLETT  Head M 47  Agricultural labourer Latton, Wiltshire
Rossanah BARTLETT  Wife M 49     Preston, Wiltshire
Charles F. BARTLETT  Son U 22   Agricultural labourer Cerney Wick, Gloucester
Albert E. BARTLETT  Son   U 16   Agricultural labourer Cerney Wick
Llewellyn G. BARTLETT  Son  U 14   Agricultural labourer Cerney Wick
No Bartletts