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Vassie Census Entries


1851 5 Stanmore Terrace.  Willesden Reg district HENDON
(Route of census: Kilburn Road, Kilburn House, 1&2 Priory Place, 1-14 The Terrace, 
South Lodge, North Lodge, Elm Lodge, Kilburn Road, Waterloo, Stanmore Terrace, 
Stanmore Cottage, Kilburn Road)
Name Relationship Age Trade Born
John Vassie Head 56 Baker/Coachman employing 1 man Middx London
Hetty Vassie wife 35 Lodging house
Mary A Vassie daughter 10 Scholar Paddington Middx
Martha Vassie daughter 7 Scholar ditto
Matilda Vassie daughter 4 Scholar Kilburn Middx
John McPherson
or Stephenson
Servant 51 Baker Scotland

1861 2 Stanmore Terrace
Name Relationship Age Trade Born
John Vassie Head 50(sic) Coachman Soho Sq, Middlesex
Hetty Vassie wife 40 Lodging house
Pottersbury, Northampton
Mary A daughter 19 Dressmaker Paddington Middlesexx
Martha daughter 16 Servant ditto
Matilda daughter 14 Scholar Kilburn Middlesex
John son 7 Scholar ditto
Hetty L daughter 5 Scholar ditto
Robert W son 2   ditto
Note:  Two millers living 3 doors away; there was a windmill nearby.
1871 Stanmore Terrace
Hetty Vassie widow 53(sic) Lodging house
Middlesex, Potters Bar
Matilda daughter 24 Servant Middlesex, Kilburn
John son 17 Wheelwright ditto
Hetty L daughter 15 Scholar ditto
Robert W son 12   ditto
(John Vassie died  Apr - Jun 1870)
1881 2 Stanmore Terrace Willesden Middx
Hetty Vassie Head 56 Lodging House keeper Middlesex
Hetty L Vassie daughter 25   Middlesex
Louis Faulkner lodger 35 Rush Merchant Ireland
Louisa E Faulkner lodger 29   Cambridge
1881 36 Hethpool St Paddington
Robert Vassie Head 22 Time Keeper Middlesex, Kilburn
Harriet  Wife 21   Surrey, Lambeth
Gertrude daughter 10m   Middlesex, Paddington
1881 5 Upper Park Terrace Hampstead
John Vassie Head 28 Labourer Willesden Middlesex
Amelia Vassie wife 28   Marylebone ditto
Robert Vassie son 4   Marylebone ditto
William Vassie  


9m   Hampstead ditto
1891 The Boys' Homes,  Regent's Park Road  (Certified Industrial School)
Robert Vassie Inmate 14 Painter
1901 15 Linhope Street, St Marylebone
Robert W Vassie Head 42 Coachmaker's Show loft(?) man London, Kilburn
Harriet S Vassie Wife 41   London, Kennington
Gertrude M Vassie Daughter 20 Dressmaker London, Marylebone
Charles R Vassie Son 17 Solicitor's Clerk London, Marylebone
Robert G Vassie Son 14 Coachmaker's errand boy London St George East
Harriet Vassie Daughter 12   London St George East
1901 4 Southampton Road
Robert Vassie Head 24 Locomotive fireman London, Marylebone
Mary Vassie Wife 28   Hants, Wherwell
William Brassey (ill) son 1   London, St Pancras
Mary Tibble daughter 8   Hants, Wherwell