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Limoges 1594

Limoges 1620


1680 Map of Limoges produced for the le Bureau des Finances by de Rochefort, one of the Treasurers.
The top left hand corner contains the coats of arms of the 24 treasurers.  Becoming a treasurer, a post 
bought from the King, enabled the post holder to attain a level of nobility.  The title counsellor to the King,
and Knight went with the job. 


(above) Building on site of Bureau des Finances.  The Treasurers met every Monday, Tuesday and Friday.




Rue du Consulat

(above) Church of Saint-Pierre-du-Queyroix (left hand side under wraps)
Its graveyard was where the cars are parked as shown in the second picture below.
The open wooden building was part of the market.
(above and below) Church of Saint-Michel des Lions