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Map of Dalry area Edinburgh 1850's
1.  Dalry Cemetery  2.  Fountain House  3.  View Forth Vulcanite Works

Fountain House (demolished 1934)

89 - 95 Fountainbridge 
(This building was built at the end of the 19th century, replacing the building where
 Charles John Blanchard was born)


Letterhead from Scottish Vulcanite Co
(Later North British Rubber Co)
The View Forth Works is identified on the map above.


North British Rubber Works and Vulcanite Works on the Union Canal

The Union Canal now

Dalry Cemetery now

Mary Ann Blanchard
died  ..  January 1873
aged 31 years
Little Martha
died 10th January 1874
aged 14 months
also in loving 
remembrance of
Mary Ann
who died 6th November 1880
aged 10 years 8 months.
Close-up of Gravestone of Mary Ann (Vassie) 
and her two children  
Transcript of Inscription
 Port Hopetown on the Union Canal
(about 1/2 mile into town from Fountain House but worth including!)
Fountain Brewery which now occupies the site of the Vulcanite Works.

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Many pictures of the Dalry area available from this link. 

Use keyword search using "Dundee Street","Union Canal" and "Dalry"