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Coleman Shops and Houses


45 Caledonian Road (Provisions Shop)

Crawford Street

Crawford Terrace Marylebone (Dairy and Cheesemongers)

Shouldham Street Marylebone


  Entries from Kelly's Post Office Directories for Alexander Coleman

  1900  Coleman Alexander  Dairy  4 Crawford Terrace Marylebone
  1902  Coleman Alexander  Cheesemonger  83 Judd St Kings Cross
  1910  Coleman Alexander  Private address  32 Shouldham Street Marylebone
  1910  Coleman Alexander  Cheesemonger, 4 Crawford Terrace Marylebone

  Alexander Charles Coleman 

  1909 Provision Dealer, 45 Caledonian Road

  Councillor Kings Cross 1909 - 1919; 1922 - 1925.  Education, Library and Valuation Committees
  Member of Liberal and Progressive Party (opposed to cuts in public spending)
  Member of Whitfield Tabernacle.
  Member of the Westminster Liberal and Radical Society.

  Held annual Christmas party for several hundred orphaned children.


Notes on Alexander Charles Coleman and Alexander Coleman


Whitfield Tabernacle