Possible Descendents of
Jacob Whitworth (1749 - 1825)


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The information below includes data from the IGI, full details from the original parish registers and data from various censuses and wills.  The actual data is therefore accurate but the links which I have made represent my best guess.  Where possible I have annotated the data to show my reasoning.  Please contact us via our Gateway Page if you can add (or subtract) anything from this information.

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Jacob Whitworth baptised 10 November 1749 St Michael Ashton-under-Lyne LAN
son of Adam Whitworth of Mossley Tailor by Mary

Marriage: 2 Jan 1776 Mottram In Longdendale, Cheshire, England

Burial Record from Mossley register April 17th 1825

Similar entry for Ann Whitworth Hattersley 2 November 1827 age 72

Jacob's brother William had also moved from Mossley (to Hurst) and both William and his wife were buried back at Mossley. 

Administration obtained from Cheshire Record Office:
“James Whitworth, John Hudson and John Stott all of Shore (? probably Shaw) in the parish of Rochdale , 2 May 1826 …. above James Whitworth the natural and lawful son and next of kin and Administrator of all and singular the goods and chattels and credits of Jacob Whitworth late of Hattersal in the parish of Mottram deceased, Anne Whitworth widow the relict of the said deceased having duly renounced her right to the administration … the intestate died 13 April 1825”

Children of Jacob WHITWORTH and Ann
Hannah WHITWORTH Birth: 9 Sep 1776 Staley, Mottram In Longdendale Christening: 5 Sep 1776 Mottram In Longdendale,
James WHITWORTH Christening: 13 Jan 1778 Mottram In Longdendale 
Dinah WHITWORTH Birth: 21 Feb 1780 Staley, Mottram In Longdendale Christening: 27 Feb 1780 Mottram In Longdendale
Ann WHITWORTH Birth: 10 Nov 1782 Staley, Mottram In Longdendale Christening: 10 Nov 1782 Mottram In Longdendale
John WHITWORTH Birth: 8 Jan 1786 Staley, Mottram In Longdendale Christening: 8 Jan 1786 Mottram In Longdendale,

Marriage: 27 APR 1806 Mottram In Longdendale, Cheshire, England 
Mottram Memorial Inscription 
In memory of John WHITWORTH of Godley who died July 2nd 1839 in the 53rd year of his age Also Nancy his wife who died 26th July 1852 age 65.also Rachel their dgt and wf of Robert FLETCHER who died 29th April 1847 age 29 years.Also Nancy their dgt who died 25th feb 1848 age10 months.Also Maria WHITWORTH of Godley dgt of the above Robert and Rachel FLETCHER who died 27th sept 1866 age 27 years also Jemima wife of John FLETCHER of Newton who died 27th Aug 1878 in her 30th year of her age

Children of John Whitworth and Nancy
James Whitworth Christening: 20 AUG 1806 Hattersley,Mottram 

1851 census Mossley Cross
James WHITWORTH age 44
Sarah WHITWORTH age 41
John WHITWORTH age 18
James WHITWORTH age 16
last part of this very hard to read – needs to be checked again

Thomas Whitworth Christening: 01 AUG 1810 Hattersley
William Whitworth Christening: 02 AUG 1812 Hattersley, Mottram
Newton WHITWORTH Christening 28 Apr 1816 Mottram in Longdendale
Deborah Whitworth Christening: 16 APR 1820 Mottram In Longdendale
Rachael Whitworth Christening: 05 APR 1818 Mottram In Longdendale
Betty Whitworth Christening: 11 NOV 1822 Mottram In Longdendale
Maria Whitworth Birth: 27 OCT 1824 Christening: 01 DEC 1824 Gee Cross Unitarian-Nc, Hyde, Cheshire, England
WHITWORTH, John Christening15 Apr 1827 Mottram in Longdendale

Mary WHITWORTH Birth: 7 Nov 1790 Staley, Mottram In Longdendale Christening: 7 Nov 1790 Mottram In Longdendale
Deborah WHITWORTH Birth: 28 Apr 1793 Hollingworth, Mottram-In-LongdendaleChristening: 28 Apr 1793 Mottram In Longdendale,
Sarah WHITWORTH Birth: 25 Dec 1796 Hattersley, Mottram In Longdendale Christening: 25 Dec 1796 Mottram In Longdendale

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